What to eat every morning to lead a healthy life

What to eat  EVERY MORNING  to lead a healthy life

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Berries: Their low glycemic index and abundant fibre can help maintain blood sugar levels, avoiding insulin spikes that eventually lead to gradual weight gain

Almonds: Full of healthy fats and proteins, these make you feel full. They have fibre that keep your blood sugar steady, giving you energy all day long

Chia seeds: Rich in soluble fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds make you feel full and minimise inflammation, both critical to lose weight 

Fenugreek seeds: Also called methi dana, they help manage blood sugar levels and curb appetite. Soak a teaspoon of these seeds in water overnight, and chew them in the morning

Flaxseeds: Loaded with soluble fibre and lignans, these keep your blood sugar levels in check, promote gut health, and support a feeling of fullness. All these are critical for losing weight

Greek yoghurt: Packed with high-quality protein, it helps muscles stay strong while you lose weight. It’s friendly probiotics also help keep the gut healthy to help you manage your weight

Green tea: The caffeine content in green tea contributes to increased energy levels during workouts. It has EGCG that has thermogenic properties that help your body burn more calories

Lemon water: It has vitamin C that not only bolsters the immune system but also helps absorb iron from plant-based sources. This gives you sustained energy while pursuing weight loss objectives

Oats: Oats slow You know what’s cool about oats? They turn into a slimy superhero inside your tummy, slowing digestion and making you feel full

Watermelon: The best way to keep yourself hydrated and feeling full is watermelon, especially if you have it before a meal. This might help you eat fewer calories overall

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